Vinnie Favorito at Flamingo

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Categories: Comedy
Hotel: Flamingo
Starring: Vinnie Favorito
There is comedy and there is improvisation with a hilarious result; and Vinnie Favorito opts for the latter. This Boston-born stand-up comedian doesn't prepare his act, but instead waits until he is on stage to see what the audience has to offer in terms of comedic fodder. No one who attends his show at the Flamingo is safe from his ridicule, and the more guests try to look inconspicuous, the more likely he is to single them out. The tagline for his show is “Completely F’N Crazy,” which gives insight to his schtick. Favorito has made several appearances on Comedy Central in addition to other shows such as “Best Damn Sports Show Period” and “The Martin Short Show.”
Ages: 18+
Length of Show: 60 minutes
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