Menopause The Musical at Luxor

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Categories: Theatrical, Comedy
Hotel: Luxor
The show is set in the Bloomingdale's lingerie department and begins with the four characters arguing over who gets one particular bra that's on sale. From that point, Menopause the Musical at the Luxor takes what is a frustrating change for all women into a hilarious production to which all women can relate. Created by Jeanie Linders, the show debuted in a 76-seat theater in Orlando, Florida in 2001, and has since proliferated across the world, appearing in more than 40 cities. Chorus numbers and solos are performed by the four characters that consist of an Earth mother, professional woman, a soap opera star and a housewife from Iowa. In the end, the women have shared their menopausal issues and emerge from the Bloomie's exit bedecked in evening dresses, which signify their empowerment and acceptance of aging.
Ages: 18+
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