KÀ at MGM Grand

Show Times
Tuesday7:00pm, 9:30pm
Wednesday7:00pm, 9:30pm
Thursday7:00pm, 9:30pm
Friday7:00pm, 9:30pm
Saturday7:00pm, 9:30pm
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Hotel: MGM Grand
Theatrics and acrobatics are Cirque du Soleil's trademark, but the company also has successfully made each of its Las Vegas shows decidedly individual. KÀ at the MGM Grand is influenced by a melange of cultures from all over the world, which is apparent in every aspect of the production from the costumes to the integration of Capoiera, a Brazilian martial art and other martial arts as well. The journey is one of love and conflict with a soundtrack of intensely emotive songs that carry the audience through a monumental performance and an array of combat-type acrobatics.
Ages: 5+
Length of Show: 90 minutes
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