Las Vegas Hotel Hook-Up

If you ask a dozen Las Vegas enthusiasts which hotel on the Strip is their favorite, you are likely to get a dozen different answers. Everyone has their own reasons for liking one hotel over the other.  If you're trying to find out which hotel might be right for you, just give your thoughts on the subjects below, and we'll select the hotel we think you'll like best!
I'm a fish and I absolutely have to have a great pool area.
Yeah I like pools, a good pool area is great to have.
A pool is OK, but if it's not the best pool area, no big deal.
I don't really care if there is a pool or not.
I need the cheapest room I can get.
Price is very important, but I'll pay a little more for something better.
I need a better room, but I can't blow my whole vacation budget on the room alone.
I don't care what it costs, a great hotel is essential for my vacation.
I party like a rock star every night I am in Vegas, so a club within stumbling distance is essential.
I like to go to clubs.
I might go to a club every now and then, but it's no big deal if there isn't much action in my hotel.
I don't care about night clubs.
I need a great selection of restaurants. I expect several high end restaurants in my hotel.
A good variety of restaurants makes my vacation much better.
I'll look for something half-decent in my hotel.
Forget about the food, I've got better things to do with my time. I'll grab a 99 cent hot dog when I see one.
Traveling with Kids
I always travel with the youngins and it's essential that the hotel caters to them.
It's good to have some kid friendly options.
I look for at least something to do with children at my hotel.
Kids? Are you kidding? This is Vegas, Baby.
Sports Book
I need to hunker down in a serious sports book to see all the latest action.
Yeah, I spend some time in the sports book.
It would be nice to have a half-decent sports book in the hotel, but no big deal if there isn't one.
I don't care about sports betting.
What am I even doing in Vegas if I'm not staying at a hotel with a great casino?
I like to play and it's nice to have a good casino at the hotel.
I'll play a little at the hotel I'm staying at, but it's not that big a deal.
Gambling in Vegas? They do that?
It's not a trip to Vegas without checking out all the designer stores.
I do like to shop in Vegas.
I'll do a little window shopping if I get the chance.
Forget shopping, I need to save my money for better things.